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Photo Captions:  Upper left: RB Sunrise Rotarians, Tijiuana guests and family members,  Upper right: RB Sunrise Pres. Karen Mortimer, PTA Pres. Kimberly Floyd and Sue Herndon,  Lower Left: Rotarian Jim Roth wrapping a gift,  Lower right:  PTA Pres Elect Denise Anger and RB Sunrise Pres elect Alison Farrin.
On Saturday, December 13, 2014 RB Sunrise Rotary partnered for the fifth time in helping the PTA at Valley Elementary School hold their Gift and Craft Fair.  This year 24 members of RB Sunrise Rotary Club and several family members together with 3 members of Club Rotario Tijuana Milennio Minarete and a former member combined with PTA members and high school volunteers to assist in this annual event. Other organizations and businesses who participated were Hewlet Packard, Sprouts, Starbucks and the Poway Parks and Recreation Department.
According to Heather (event Coordinator at school), based on the ticket counts, at least 250 kids plus their parents/families attended the event. The parents commented that this was their families favorite event of the year!  
We had purchased about 350 gift items, which were mostly gone. Some of the left over items were donated to local senior citizens in need (items such as scarves and a few mittens). A few other remaining mittens and coffee mugs were donated to Tijuana club for their seniors in need in Tijuana.  The left over (3) one gallon milk containers went to teacher's lounge!

As a result, not only we had a great event, but a few other organizations benefited from it as well !
Rotarian Jay Riordan distributing dictionaries
There is no better thing in life than the joy in a child’s eyes.  Rotarians from the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club were privileged to see that joy last Tuesday as well as improving child literacy as they delivered easy to use dictionaries to 9 Area schools as part of a cooperative annual program among the local Rotary Clubs that puts a dictionary in the hands of every third grader in Poway Unified School District.
“As we’ve been doing this for several years now, we often meet third graders who recognize the dictionaries because an older brother or sister has one.” said Rotarian Alison Farrin.  In one case, it was a perfect lead in to explain Rotary’s motto of Service Above Self, when a young man raised his hand and said, “I already have one.  My brother gave it to me.”   Jay Riordan simply handed him a second one and asked, “Please find someone who needs a dictionary and pass your second one on to him.”  Four Rotarians delivered dictionaries to Valley Elementary, interacting with several classrooms of third graders. Some third graders quizzed the Rotarians about how to use the dictionaries.  Others asked about Rotary and what it does.  We enjoyed each class, but particularly one that was clearly a both Spanish and English immersion class, where they were about to start a new lesson that required the children to look up new words in the dictionary.  A timely delivery!


Rotary’s investments in polio eradication infrastructure in Nigeria has helped the government stop the Ebola outbreak there. The polio surveillance network, which is used to monitor incidence of polio, is now also being used to identify and track suspected Ebola cases. To learn how you can support the fight against Ebola:


The Rotary Foundation earned a 4-star rating from , the largest and most prestigious independent evaluator of nonprofits in the United States.

"Our foundation continues to operate at the highest ethical standard," said Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair John Kenny. "We are proud that Charity Navigator has recognized our commitment to accountability and transparency for the seventh straight year."

Rancho BEERnardo IPA Beer Tasting Festival was a huge success on Saturday, September 27, 2014.  Over 450 people attended the event at the Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead.  All of the planning and work by RB Sunrise Rotary and The URGE Gastropub paid off for this successful event.  The festival was well received by all in attendance. Music supplied from Z CODE band made for a party atmosphere all afternoon.  The great hamburger and bratwurst sandwiches for sale from The URGE insured that no one need be hungry.

This event is RB Sunrise Rotary's main fundraising event for the year.  The final report for the event isn't in yet, but initial reports indicate that this event raised more money than any fundraiser in recent years and was far more fun for all involved!   Photo album from the Festival
Photos from Rancho BEERnardo Festival website.

A polio worker marks the side of a house in Kano, Nigeria, to indicate the children were not at home and a follow-up visit will needed to ensure they are vaccinated.
This is a story about how volunteer vaccinators have been helped by cooperation from the government to reduce the number of new cases of polio in Nigeria.   The new low in the number of new cases promises that Nigeria will soon join the list of Nations where polio has been eliminated
Click this link to read entire story.


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