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We had the honor this am to hear from one of the last survivors of the Pearl Harbor Dec. 7 battle, Stuart Hedley, 95 years young. It was amazing and horrific as he described that day that is famous in US history... I only hope that I am as active as this young man when I'm 95! We were lucky to hear his story... and I am grateful that he tells it-- we need to remember!
Learn about our future speakers and how you can be part of Rotary at www.rbsunrise.org.

Huge thanks to Carleton Management (www.carletonmanagement.com) for becoming a Diamond Sponsor for the Rancho BEERnardo Festival (www.rbfest.com), the main fundraiser done each year by the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club. 

The proceeds are used for supporting seniors needing transportation, distressed teens, homeless families, kids’ education, and a host of other wide-ranging humanitarian efforts both here and abroad.

This popular event (our sixth one!) will be held 2-5 pm on October 28 at Rancho Bernardo’s Webb Lake Park. Sponsorship levels start as low as $250, with sponsor benefits that include event tickets, print and online media recognition…even the possibility of being brew master for a day.

Call 858-673-9960 to buy your tickets or to learn how your business can target 1,000 affluent residents of North County for just pennies apiece. Or visit us at www.rbfest.com for more information.

  • PROJECT MERCY - Tijuana home building project
  • YMCA - Teens in Motion - disabled teens
  • Ed Brown Senior Center - social activities
  • PoVa - Poway Valley Therapeutic Riding Center
  • Team Red White & Blue - Veteran Integration
  • Oasis Haven - Care for African AIDS orphans
  • Rides and Smiles - Seniors transportation
  • Toys for Tots - Military family holiday support
  • Abraxas High School - Student of the Month & scholarships for talented graduates
- plus countless other community projects - 
In case you wondered who was being helped when you sponsor Rancho Beernardo. It's not just a wonderful day of friendship and suds...it's SO much more!
Get more information now 
                                   and become a sponsor TODAY!
At this week's breakfast meeting, the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club received an in-depth education about the spirit of camaraderie, support, fellowship, and family that runs through Team RWB (Red, White and Blue). The message was one we could all relate to, as this is the underlying philosophy of so much that Rotary does.
Team RWB is a nationwide group with 217 chapters, as well as three others overseas. Each is tasked with creating a support network providing connections and opportunities for both active members and veterans of any part of the military. Team RWB engages teammates in community-based experiences such as leadership and service, providing physical and social activities, as well as renewing self-identity and purpose for those who might have temporarily lost their way.
This week's featured speaker at the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club was Tiana Babcock, Assistant Manager at San Diego's Fisher House.
For the uninitiated, Fisher House is a home where families of service members and veterans can stay while their loved one receives medical treatment. There are 70 Fisher Houses near major military installations, including 3 overseas. Each has from 8-21 furnished suites with living space, common kitchen, dining room, laundry, living room and playroom.
Tiana joined us at the crack of dawn to talk about Staff Sergeant Chaz Allen, seriously injured when he stepped on an IED. In an instant, Sergeant Allen lost both legs and broke his elbow.
In 2007 I went to the slums of Tijuana with the Rancho Bernardo (CA) Sunrise Rotary Club. A group of 50 of us went to build a house in a day, and it was the most AMAZING experience...one that changed my life, the lives of my family members, and the lives of the family that suddenly had a roof over their heads.
Traveling home that evening, I found myself on the Mexican side of the border at the top of a hill. There I saw (to my right) the Mexican mountainside with hundreds of homes seemingly stuffed into every crack and crevice. Having just spent a day in a community like this, where the homes were only reachable by walking up a staircase built from old tires and soda cases, I could easily envision the flea-bitten mongrels running around the houses and the piles of trash outside the non-existent windows.
To my left was the corrugated steel of the border fence, a great swath of green on the US side of the border, and...in the distance...the Emerald City of San Diego.
RB Sunrise Rotary members pop up all over the world trying to make it a better place, and politics, religion, gender or any of the other petty issues that divide us are always set aside. Below is a report from Carl Kruse, a Past District Governor (District 5340), Past President (Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary) and proud 30-year Rotarian - truly a man who has seen and done it all - as he explains his THIRD Rotary Moment...and why he had it.
Dear RB Sunrisers,
Mary Jane and I returned last night from two awesome days in Ensenada as part of the Thousand Smiles Clinic.  Let me say that this experience has been added to my select list of "Rotary Moments" (Tijuana Housebuild and India Polio Immunization being the other two). 
To see the volunteer dental/medical teams provide humanitarian and life-changing procedures to needy children is just, well, awesome.  Providing luncheon support (i.e. food prep and serving) on both Friday and Saturday we felt honored to assist the many Rotarians, Dentists, Nurses and Thousand Smiles support staff in getting through the long and busy days. 
I kept my composure until Saturday afternoon when I met two young patients at the hospital who were recovering from surgery.  When I thought of the miracle of medicine and the miracle of Rotary, I lost it.  Needless to say, I encourage each of you to consider being part of Thousand Smiles and experience another part of being a Rotarian and making a life-changing difference in the lives of others. 
You will not regret the experience. 
In Rotary Service and Friendship,
Some of the folks Carl met this past weekend
An update from SOLE Effects, whose mission is to grow strong leaders through influential role models.
Dear RB Sunrise Rotary Members,
We wanted to let you know how SOLE Effects is progressing because of the generous grant we received from RB Sunrise. Truly, we could write a book right now about ALL that has transpired in these past months, but I will try to make it brief!
Our 2nd Annual Support-Raiser took place in our backyard in July with 72 in attendance, including our very own Mary Stanton and Paul Gorman, a city council member, PUSD school board members, Kelly Burke (principal at Twin Peaks Middle School) and other amazing leaders in our community. We shared with them the impact you’re already having, and included you in our looping slide show as well as other ways. In addition, we’d like to thank Mary & Paul, for sharing their talents, volunteering with SOLE Effects. We greatly appreciate it!
This is just one of the many groups the RB Sunrise Rotary supports as they try to make the global community a better place. For more information about Sole Effects, visit them at www.soleeffects.com. For more about the RB Sunrise Rotary, visit us at www.rbsunrise.org.
The world's million+ Paul Harris Fellows are a special breed, willing to give of their time and their treasure to help provide clean water, improve housing, and make our planet a better place for everyone.
These Fellowships are open to Rotarians, of course, but many people don't realize that Paul Harris Fellowships can also be established for others with a contribution of just $1,000.
Which explains how Emily Weinberg, a college senior and aspiring opera star, became a Paul Harris Fellow at this week's meeting of the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club.
Emily has been attending this club's meetings for the past 10 years, and was named an honorary member of the club in 2011. President Paul Gorman noted she had greater longevity in the room than half the members of the club.
In addition to being one of the club's most frequently requested speakers, Emily has also participated in club events helping both the local community and working in the Tijuana slums.
As her travels take her around the globe, Emily has put visiting other Rotary clubs high on her "Must do" list.

"Every Rotary Governor talks about having a Rotary moment...but what do you do when you haven't HAD a Rotary moment?"

With those intriguing words, District 5340's new governor, Scott Carr, launched into a 30 minute presentation discussing the value of Rotary's work and how everything we do leads to Rotary moments.

For those who haven't had one, the Rotary moment is the instant the proverbial light bulb goes on over your head and you "get it". As one Rotarian noted when he suddenly understood the difference a single person can make in the big scheme of things; "A Rotary moment is when the magic happens."

Some of us have had a Rotary moment by helping to build a house in the slums of Tijuana, reporting "In a flash I understood why someone would risk EVERYTHING to get from here (Tijuana) to there (the United States)."

Others have gone to India to help cure polio and come back crying "I was on my knees putting drops into the mouth of this child I will never know and understanding how I was changing and improving his life."

A Rotary moment is a powerful experience.

Of course, as our governor observed, not everyone has one of these moments. Others are fortunate enough to have had them multiple times.

Yet within each of us is the ability to make the world a better place, regardless of whether or not you've been struck by that lightning bolt.

And surrounded by those who have had their moment(s), our new governor is now moving to help us all heal our corner of the world...and beyond.

It's 7am on a Tuesday morning and you're faced with a room full of steady, dominant, influential and compliant people, Who you gonna call?
No, the answer is NOT the Ghostbusters. For the RB Sunrise Rotary Club the answer was Robert Bowen, Jr., Certified Business Coach, who came in to this week's meeting to educate us about observable behavioral styles and how much one can learn just by paying attention.
And by paying attention, I noticed Mr. Bowen to be Direct, Brief and to the Point (a Dominant trait); Extroverted (an Influential trait); Benefit oriented (a sign of Steadiness); and Data and Fact oriented (a factor in Compliant people).
One person's takeaway: we're all a combination, but with the right person by your side you can draw out the primary characteristics that make you the best leader possible.
Thank you, Mr. Bowen, for showing us the leadership potential we all carry inside us.
Visit Robert Bowen online at www.focalpointcoaching.com. For more about RB Sunrise Rotary and our upcoming beer festival, visit us at www.ranchobeernardofestival.com.
Each year Rotarians invest time and treasure trying to improve the lives of those with less.
Which explains our club's support for Thousand Smiles, a 501 (c) (3) foundation providing free dental and various associated medical procedures to babies, children, young adults and geriatric residents in Baja, CA.
In addition to the money we happily donate, our own Kim Muslusky (the foundation's secretary) regularly leads teams of volunteers across the border to put long-lasting smiles on the faces of everyone they meet.
Since the founding of Thousand Smiles in 1985, the organization has been responsible for tens of thousands of smiles, better and more successful lives, and overall good health for two generations of residents of Baja and communities from many miles around.
True, we may never see these people again, but that's not what's important. What IS important is knowing we did the right thing, and for the right reasons. After all, a smile is the critical factor to finding self-respect, a job, a life-partner, and overall success.
For information on how you can help make a better tomorrow for someone who needs it most, visit www.thousandsmiles.org.
To learn how to be part of the team of humanitarians at the RB Sunrise Rotary Club, join us every Tuesday morning for the most enjoyable professional networking breakfast in town. More information is available at www.rbsunrise.org.
One of the best parts of Rotary is knowing you're having a positive impact on the future.

So we give many thanks to David Clark for joining us at this week's meeting. David is one of the dozens of students who's been sponsored at Abraxas High School by the RB Sunrise Rotary.

Now that he's graduated and has started at Mesa College, David dropped by to bring us up to speed on his successes and future plans.

Congratulations, David! We know you'll do well, and look forward to hearing from you again over the years. Please stay in touch.

A fascinating thing happened at this week's meeting of the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club: OUR SPEAKER DIDN'T PUT US TO SLEEP!

This may sound like a low bar to get over, but when you're talking to a club that meets from 7-8:30am it can be a little challenging.

Admittedly, our having this get-together at 5pm probably helped in one regard, but was equally challenging in another. Rather than trying to wake folks up before the day starts, a speaker at the tail-end of the day needs to keep the focus of everyone interested in heading home, having a glass of wine, and spending the evening with the family.

Into this environment strolled Greg Reid - raconteur, business leader, author, and adventurer - who spent an enthusiastic 30 minutes talking about Three Feet From Gold: Success is closer than it appears. He talked, he joked, he bounced around the room. He exuded SO much energy that, from this writer's seat, it's amazing he didn't need to have an oxygen tank nearby to prevent exhaustion.

As part of his presentation, Greg handed out free copies of 15 different books from his personal library (and autographed by their various authors) because, as he joked, "They hadn't sold too well."

As he notes on his website, experiencing Greg on stage is like being on a rollercoaster ride you’ll never forget, with twists, turns and surprises that will ignite your senses leaving you on your feet screaming for more. The 55 members of the RB Sunrise Rotary Club family who have now experienced the Greg Reid phenomenon would undoubtedly agree with this assessment.

So it was last night as the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club met at 5pm (don't try to make sense of it...it works) to install President Paul Gorman as Lunatic-In-Chief.
A Standing Room Only crowd of thousands cheered him on, playing HAIL TO THE CHIEF to start his year off with a bang. Because Paul believes in a hands-off management style, everyone was allowed to play in their own key, so it all came out as a really loud buzz.
The aspirin and earplugs concession did a very profitable business!
Emily Weinberg, our club's musical talent, is expected to join us later in the year to provide lessons in how to play kazoo and stay on-key.
And with the first rule of Rotary's four-way test (IS IT THE TRUTH?) firmly in mind, I'll admit here that the crowd may have been smaller than previously reported...though nobody can be certain exactly how many people were there. However, it WAS the largest presidential inaugural crowd the club has ever had...this year.
Congratulations, Paul. Remember that you can handle anything if you know there's an end to it, and there are just 353 days until you're finished with your term.
RB Sunrise Rotarian are there to help people in need.  Just ask Mike Miller.
President of RB Financial, Miller said he was tired of being nickel and dimed with fines for his birthday, wedding anniversary, etc. Club members wished him well and assumed he'd never attend another meeting.
Two weeks later the Witch Creek wildfire swept through town. Mike and Teresa Miller escaped from their burning house with 10 minutes notice, the garage aflame around them as they sped into the night. Word went around the Rotary club like...well, like wildfire.
And the following Saturday 40 Rotarians and spouses appeared at the Miller property with shovels, wheelbarrows, gloves, hats, masks and boots. Our objective: search for any surviving valuables. There was no discussion whether we'd help. The need was there...and we helped.

l-r: RB Sunrise President Craig Brown, Alison Farrin - Scholarship Committee Chair, Lauren Horne, Jay Jeffcoat


RB Sunrise Rotary presented the first annual Kendra Jeffcoat Memorial Scholar Scholarship to recent RBHS graduate Lauren Horne.  The late Kendra Jeffcoat was a past president of Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club and at her passing in late February 2017 was a professor in the education department at SDSU.

"And then we were named 'Club Of The Year' for District 5340!" So said outgoing president Craig Craig S Brown, who collected our club's award this past Monday evening.
The award was for our club's outstanding performance in the classification as a medium sized club in Distriect 5340. 
At our meeting on June 27, Jelena Starcevic spoke about all of the activities that kept her busy as she completed her Masters degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution as a Peace scholar at USD.  Jelena is a trained lawyer in her home country, Serbia. Before coming to San Diego for her studies here she workd in the area of employment law.  She explained how her studies will benefit her is being able to recognize what causes conflicts and how to get the parties to a dispute to work toward a resolution of a dispute by identifying the actual issues that are causing the problem.  She explained that often the perceived issues are not the real issues.  Often distrust and side issues cause the problem to escalate.  When the proper questions are asked and the parties can begin to understand each other, solutions can be found to solve the dispute in ways that benefit both parties. 
Jelena said she was surprised that so few lawyers were involved in learning how to resolve conflict and work toward peaceful solutions.  Jelena sent a copy of her remarks and you can download her presentation as a Word document by clicking on this link - Jelena's Peace Scholar presentation.
On Tuesday, June 20, 2017,  Julie Reinke from the Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine spoke to the club members about the enhancements in diagnosing diseases in infants and newborns that genomics is making possible.  A research study made possible by a research grant and private donors has created the research lab at Rady Children's Hospital that has a human DNA sequencing machine that can sequence the DNA from a baby in as little as 36 hours! Using a database that is in the cloud, physicians can then take the data from the sequencing machine to make an accurate diagnosis of disease in newborns and infants.  
Julie spoke of several cases that provided an insight in to the benefits of this technology.  In one case a baby was admitted at the beginning of the week with a preliminary diagnosis that would require invasive surgery.  Because the baby's blood was used to get a serum sample the was used to do a rapid DNA sequencing study, the need for the surgery was literally cancelled at the last moment. While the anesthesiologist was taking a break before starting the anesthesia for the procedure, the information was conveyed to the surgical team that told them that the planned surgery which had the possibility of serious side effects was not needed.
The fact that the database information is in the cloud allows the researchers and doctors in the institute to be anywhere and be able to react quickly when the sequencing process has been completed.  In one case a physician was at Legoland with his family when he was notified the the information was ready.  Without leaving Legoland, he was able to make a diagnosis.
Raw data being gathered by the institute on economic impact of this technology is already sparking intense interest by insurance companies.  Although the testing procedure is expensive, the fact that early use of this diagnostic tool is proving to make possible a tremendous cost savings as well as making accurate treatment available more rapidly that ever before.
Bill Gates and RI President John Germ.

ATLANTA, Ga. (June 12, 2017) – Today in Atlanta Rotary President John Germ and Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, announced a commitment of up to $450 million to support the eradication of polio.

To an audience of nearly 40,000 Rotary members attending the humanitarian organization’s annual convention, Rotary and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation renewed their longstanding support for ending polio – a paralyzing, life-altering scourge on the verge of becoming the second human disease ever to be eliminated. Rotary committed to raise $50 million per year over the next three years, with every dollar to be matched with two additional dollars from the Gates Foundation. This expanded agreement will translate into $450 million for polio eradication activities, including immunization and surveillance over the next three years. This critical funding helps ensure countries around the world remain polio-free and that polio is ended in the remaining three endemic countries: Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

For more on this story click here.

Rotary is about Changing Lives. Each Rotary year, RB Sunrise changes lives of people locally and internationally.  We change lives by direct action when we have a service project such as building a house in Mexico with volunteers from our club.  We also change lives  by our financial support of charitable organizations whose mission is to provide health, welfare or educational opportunities locally and internationally.
On June 2, 2017 members of the RB Sunrise Rotary Club met at the Country Club of Rancho Bernardo to "demote" President Craig Brown.  The annual fun event is the club's way of celebrating the successes of the Rotary year.  Contrary to what many in the community may think might be boring, RB Sunrise Rotary is noted for having fun events, especially their Demotion Party. 
President Craig BrownPast President Alison Farrin
President Elect Paul GormanJay and Brenda Riordan
The theme for this event was Woodstock. Apparently President Craig actually attended Woodstock in 1969.  Many of the members of the club showed up in very creative costumes that were inspired by the kind of attire actually seen at Woodstock in 1969.  The room was filled with people sporting long hair, beards and or mustaches and hippy clothes. City Councilman Mark Kersey was on hand to present President Craig with a Proclamation from the City of San Diego that designated Friday, June 2, 2017.  In his brief comments, Councilman Kersey remarked that he never before felt so out of place because of the way he was dressed. For more photos, see 2017 Demotion Party Picture Album

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You are welcome to visit us as our guest to learn more about our fun organization.
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