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The Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club will kick-off its 2017-2018 Rotary year July 11, with a special evening meeting featuring Greg Reid, a nationally-known speaker and best-selling author.

On Tuesday, June 20, 2017,  Julie Reinke from the Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine spoke to the club members about the enhancements in diagnosing diseases in infants and newborns that genomics is making possible.  A research study made possible by a research grant and private donors has created the research lab at Rady Children's Hospital that has a human DNA sequencing machine that can sequence the DNA from a baby in as little as 36 hours! Using a database that is in the cloud, physicians can then take the data from the sequencing machine to make an accurate diagnosis of disease in newborns and infants.  
Julie spoke of several cases that provided an insight in to the benefits of this technology.  In one case a baby was admitted at the beginning of the week with a preliminary diagnosis that would require invasive surgery.  Because the baby's blood was used to get a serum sample the was used to do a rapid DNA sequencing study, the need for the surgery was literally cancelled at the last moment. While the anesthesiologist was taking a break before starting the anesthesia for the procedure, the information was conveyed to the surgical team that told them that the planned surgery which had the possibility of serious side effects was not needed.
The fact that the database information is in the cloud allows the researchers and doctors in the institute to be anywhere and be able to react quickly when the sequencing process has been completed.  In one case a physician was at Legoland with his family when he was notified the the information was ready.  Without leaving Legoland, he was able to make a diagnosis.
Raw data being gathered by the institute on economic impact of this technology is already sparking intense interest by insurance companies.  Although the testing procedure is expensive, the fact that early use of this diagnostic tool is proving to make possible a tremendous cost savings as well as making accurate treatment available more rapidly that ever before.
Bill Gates and RI President John Germ.

ATLANTA, Ga. (June 12, 2017) – Today in Atlanta Rotary President John Germ and Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, announced a commitment of up to $450 million to support the eradication of polio.

To an audience of nearly 40,000 Rotary members attending the humanitarian organization’s annual convention, Rotary and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation renewed their longstanding support for ending polio – a paralyzing, life-altering scourge on the verge of becoming the second human disease ever to be eliminated. Rotary committed to raise $50 million per year over the next three years, with every dollar to be matched with two additional dollars from the Gates Foundation. This expanded agreement will translate into $450 million for polio eradication activities, including immunization and surveillance over the next three years. This critical funding helps ensure countries around the world remain polio-free and that polio is ended in the remaining three endemic countries: Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

For more on this story click here.

Rotary is about Changing Lives. Each Rotary year, RB Sunrise changes lives of people locally and internationally.  We change lives by direct action when we have a service project such as building a house in Mexico with volunteers from our club.  We also change lives  by our financial support of charitable organizations whose mission is to provide health, welfare or educational opportunities locally and internationally.
On June 2, 2017 members of the RB Sunrise Rotary Club met at the Country Club of Rancho Bernardo to "demote" President Craig Brown.  The annual fun event is the club's way of celebrating the successes of the Rotary year.  Contrary to what many in the community may think might be boring, RB Sunrise Rotary is noted for having fun events, especially their Demotion Party. 
President Craig BrownPast President Alison Farrin
President Elect Paul GormanJay and Brenda Riordan
The theme for this event was Woodstock. Apparently President Craig actually attended Woodstock in 1969.  Many of the members of the club showed up in very creative costumes that were inspired by the kind of attire actually seen at Woodstock in 1969.  The room was filled with people sporting long hair, beards and or mustaches and hippy clothes. City Councilman Mark Kersey was on hand to present President Craig with a Proclamation from the City of San Diego that designated Friday, June 2, 2017.  In his brief comments, Councilman Kersey remarked that he never before felt so out of place because of the way he was dressed. For more photos, see 2017 Demotion Party Picture Album
At our meeting on May 30, 2017, the theme for the day was Leadership.  This is in keeping with the statement that "Rotary is a Leadership Organization" that we answer when we are asked "What is  Rotary?"
RYLA Students Poorvi Dattak,
Nikhil Penugonda,Katie Chau, Ashley Lo and Camille Pino
RB Sunrise President Craig Brown with Karen Ogden  from Sole Effects
The program for the meeting showcased two examples of how RB Sunrise Rotary fulfills the commitment to Leadership in what we do. The first example is RYLA - the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards camp.  The second example is Sole Effects, a program for 8th and 9th grade students that develops leadership skill in students that they very often don't realize they have.

RB Sunrise Rotary Club is a club whose members are leaders not only loocally, but globally.  They make a difference in the world with their involvement in humanitarian projects.  Lee Haney is one of those leaders.  From his home in Rancho Berrnardo, Lee oversees the finances of the Holy Innocents Children's Hospital in Uganda.  As the CFO and board member, Lee oversees fundraising for the first dedicated children's hospital in Uganda.  In our meeting on May 2, 2017,  we recognized Lee's involvement in this endeavor by providing a grant of $5000 to help buy equipment for this hospital.  To learn more about Holy Innocents Children's Hospital, click on  this link or the logo above. 
l-r: Club President Craig  Brown,  Lee Haney, Heather Ray - RB Sunrise Grant Coordinator.
On Tuesday, May 9,  RB Sunrise Rotary  Club symbolically presented a large check to each of 3 organizations who had already received real checks. These organization directly change the lives of the children their programs benefit.  RB Sunrise Rotary Club is pleased to support these and other organizations because as Rotarians - Changing Lives is What We Do!
Toby Wells Blue Apple Ranch
l-r: Sue Herndon, President Craig Brown,  and Adrienne Wells Holmes
Toby Wells Blue Apple Ranch’s mission is to inspire responsibility and compassion by connecting people and animals. Through innovative programs that encourage young people to be mindful and kind while also providing at-risk horses a second lease on life, Toby Wells Blue Apple Ranch strives to encourage humanity while strengthening the bond between people and animals.
In the photo above, RB Sunrise Rotary member Sue Herndon, who is also a board member of the Toby Wells Foundation joins President Craig Brown and Toby Wells Foundation Executive Director Adrienne Wells Holmes in receiving the club's $2600 donation.  The donation will help to fund the programs at Blue Apple Ranch, a horse rescue facility
The ranch provides for field trips and a seasonal day camp  for city dwelling children.  The children learn about ranch life and in the camp, they learn how to care for the horses and also get to go on rides.  The experience teaches caring and responsibility to children who gain a love for animals.  

One of major areas of focus for Rotary is clean water.  Rotarians are making a difference in third world countries by sponsoring clean water projects through funding via the Rotary Foundation. An article earlier this year in Rotary Weekly tells the story about what Rotarians in Ohio are doing to address a threat to safe drinking water in their own backyard.
A Rotary club in Toledo, Ohio learned about a threat to clean water in their own community. They found out how blooms of poisonous blue-green algae threaten the western basin of Lake Erie, the source of drinking water for millions of people. They were then surprised to learn that no one was addressing the problem. 
Read more to learn how these Rotarians are leading the fight against this threat to the drinking water from Lake Erie. It is a clear example of how Rotarians make a difference in their own communities.
The Association of Fundraising Professionals recognized The Rotary Foundation with its annual Award for Outstanding Foundation at it 2017 conference in San Francisco.
The award honors organizations that show philanthropic commitment and leadership through financial support, innovation, encouragement of others, and involvement in public affairs. Some of the boldest names in American giving - Kellogg, Komen, and MacArthur, among others  - are past honorees.
Roof panel frame being raised by volunteers

For the last 2 years, RB Sunrise Rotary Club has partnered with Project Mercy, a charity headquartered in Poway to fund and provide volunteers so that in one day, a new watertight secure home can be erected in one day.  In each case, the new house replaces a makeshift shelter that usually has no doors or windows and has only a tarp for a roof. 

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Rotary is a leadership organization.
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We meet regularly on Tuesday mornings, get to know each other, form friendships and through that, we're able to get things done in this community. 
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You are welcome to visit us as our guest to learn more about our fun organization.
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