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I am Jean Loo-Russo, Chief Philanthropy Officer for the Elizabeth Hospice in Escondido, CA. My involvement with nonprofit organizations began 26 years ago with The Parent Connection, a Scripps Health organization. First as a volunteer and then as a contractor, it was my privilege to produce a 36 page newsletter each month for them. Since then I have served on various nonprofit boards eventually becoming the Director of Development for the Escondido Humane Society and then for the San Diego Humane Society. I’ve been fundraising for the past 16 years. Making an impact in the community by helping those who are facing tremendous challenges has been a passion of mine for all these years. It’s the reasons I enjoy Rotary and in particular, the RB Sunrise Rotary.
With more than 35,000 clubs around the world, it is only natural that each Rotary club has its  own culture.  It took me a while to find a club culture that fit my needs. I decided to join the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise club at the end of 2014 for several reasons. One, I’m a morning person and what better way to start a Tuesday? My fellow RB Sunrise Rotarians are a lively group with a dry sense of humor. Second, community projects are many and they are met with enthusiasm and compassion. Third, many of these projects give you an opportunity to meet the people who benefit from them so you get a sense of accomplishment. Fourth, we find friendship through “Service above Self.”
If you are looking for a club where you can be with others who care deeply about their community and who put their words into action, then RB Sunrise is the club for you. Come to a meeting and experience what I am talking about.

Here we are giving a donation of $1,800 to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Battalion. Chief Aide Barbat accepted the donation from President-Elect Mike Moffat for improvements to Fire Station 33 in Rancho Bernardo. The money will be used to purchase kitchen equipment, workout equipment, and to make sound system improvements.

Want more information on how to get involved with RB Sunrise Rotary? Join us most Tuesday mornings, 7-8:30 am, at the Rancho Bernardo Country Club. It's guaranteed to be the best 90 minutes you invest that week!

My name is Susan Marsh, and I own a small home-based business called Susan's Bookkeeping and Accounting Services. Early in 2016, I joined the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club for a variety of reasons, but these were my primary drivers:
1. I HATE polio.  My sister was born with polio (yes, BORN with it!).  The doctors believed my mother contracted polio in her third month of pregnancy and the disease afflicted my sister instead of my mother.  Because of this, I witnessed the devastating effects this horrible affliction had on my sister, two other children in the neighborhood, and the respective families. I’ll never forget the suffering they all endured, and am reminded of the pain to this day every time I see her.
2. I want to give back. I want to help members of the community who are less fortunate than I am. As an international organization that is not connected to any government body, Rotary provides me with the perfect opportunity to do something for those in need. Because Rotary’s involved in a wide range of issues, from water to education, housing to healthcare, I find structure within which to work, am able to maximize my own resources, and am able to eliminate the frustration that comes from having to sort through thousands of worthy causes.
3. I want to keep my brain sharp. This club has 65 of the top minds in North County coming together on a regular basis, and the very fact that we’re in the same room together working side-by-side, telling jokes and stories, and commiserating over problems, keeps us all at the top of our game. I’d be hard-pressed to duplicate the experiences I get from this club anywhere else.
4. I love the camaraderie. Rotary is all about Service Above Self, and my membership means I’m surrounded by a group of people with the same focus that I have. In a time when so many people in the world are self-centered, I find the friendships I’m developing help keep me centered and remind me of what’s REALLY important in the world.
Perhaps the thing I like most about Rotary is the ability to work with people who don’t care about my religion, race, or politics. We’re all friends, we’re all Rotarians, and we’re all trying to improve the world.
What does Service Above Self mean? It means Rotarians are there to help, regardless of your age, race, religion, or need.
One of the causes now being supported by the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club is Ride Above Disability, a therapeutic riding center based in Poway, CA. At this week's breakfast meeting, our members had a chance to meet Wayne Jackson, Executive Director of the center and former marine (hence the cane).
"We teach recreational riding to anyone with special needs," he explained. "We create a place where entire families feel welcome and are able to relax and enjoy."
Jackson explained how family members with special needs impact everyone in the family unit. "Riding and caring for these horses provides an activity that every member of the family can share together."
His stories of kids who wouldn't speak until exposed to the unique experience of riding a horse helped everyone in the room to appreciate the special ways this organization helps special people. "We look at every person and see potential," said Mr. Jackson "And the horses help fulfill that potential, bringing every visitor's individual abilities to the surface."
For more information about Ride Above Disability, visit www.radtrc.org. To learn how to become involved with the one-of-a-kind environment that exists at a Rotary club, visit us online at www.rbsunrise.org or attend one of our meetings.
The RB Sunrise Rotary club meets almost every Tuesday morning, 7:00-8:30 am, at the Rancho Bernardo Country Club on Greens East Road in Rancho Bernardo, CA.
In addition to being civic-minded, many Rotarians also have a taste for culture. Which helps explain the wonderful reception accorded Joey Landwehr, Artistic Director of JCompany Youth Theatre, at a recent breakfast meeting.
Joey came to discuss Random Acts of Culture, a JCompany program that helps support dozens of groups around San Diego County in an effort to expose youngsters to the marvels of life on stage. He found a receptive audience of parents and grandparents who themselves had been involved with theater at some point along the line.
His point was clear; make sure you're exposing the kids in your own life to theater, music, opera, and a host of other cultural opportunities sure to feed the mind and the soul.
"This is the stuff that promotes creativity through left-brain thinking," he intoned, observing studies that have demonstrated increased empathy and neurological connections. For the right-brain thinkers in the room, he reminded the crowd that creativity expanded through theater helps improve career success, regardless of the field of endeavor.
"Children need to unplug from technology and tap into another part of their brain if they're going to have a real childhood," Joey urged to the nodding heads. He added "Through the JCompany programs, kids see plays and participate in shows and get exposed to stories of conflict, intolerance and love. They experience and relate to grief onstage and learn new ways to work towards a happy ending."
And the bottom line? "EARTH...without ART...is EH!" 
Based on the standing ovation given to Joey for his performance, it seems safe to conclude the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club agreed with him wholeheartedly.
You can find JCompany Youth Theatre online at www.jcompanysd.org. To learn about future RB Sunrise Rotary speakers or to find out how to give back to the community as a member of RB Sunrise Rotary, visit www.rbsunrise.org.
My name is Jon Shea and I am a third generation Rancho Bernardo resident raising my family in the community I love and grew up in. I am also a partner in Shea Realty.
As a child I lived and played in the High Country West and Westwood neighborhoods, where I learned the wonder and special qualities that make up RB. This was driven home to me when, as a child, I won my battle over cancer. Facing such a huge challenge at such a tender age, I watched my school and neighbors rally around my family, offering support during a trying time.
As I matured I vowed to give back to those around me, hoping in some small way to pay back all the support I'd received as a youth. Graduating from San Diego State, I joined my father’s real estate company, selling homes with a focus on the place I'm proud to call home. 
With my father active in Kiwanis, I opted in 2009 to get involved with the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary. Their philosophy of Service Above Self allows me to help those around me who need it most.
After spending 7 years as the club's Sargent-at-Arms, I've transitioned to more of an at-large position within the Rotary family. My Rotary career has allowed me to travel to Mexico (building homes in a single day); volunteer at the local elementary schools (distributing holiday gifts for the less well-off); become the primary contact with local Boy Scout and Cub Scout troops; and visit members of the community who are ill or needing a helping hand. 
One of my favorite events has become the Rancho BEERnardo festival, at which we raise tens of thousands of dollars that are, in turn, funneled directly back into the community. When added to the positive impact I see Rotary having on organizations supporting children, I feel empowered to work harder to help others, even as it inspires me to raise my child in a community that gives back to others.
My grandfather used to say, “ You can get everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.” This has become my motto and the driving force that continually encourages me to pour energy, time, and heart into the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club. 
On the road from Otay Mesa towards Tecate sits a community where the RB Sunrise Rotary visits every year to build a house in a day. It's a long, full day sure to move your heart and help you remember how good your own life is as we help families that have never had a roof of their own accept the keys to their first home. Read about the last time we went and the lives we changed.. Our next build is scheduled for Saturday, November 11, and you can be part of it. And no, you don't have to be a Rotarian to participate. Just contact  tony@ipsd.com and say I WANT TO PARTICIPATE. He'll get you set up from there. https://lnkd.in/gX46wBy
My name is Tony Nogales and I work at Innovative Pension Strategy & Design as a Retirement Plan Consultant.  
One day when I was working in Participant Services Alison (one of the majority owners of IPSD) asked me if I’d be interested in participating in a house build project with her Rotary club. I thought that would be fun.
I had just finished my Construction Technology Course for a Certificate of Completion for Building Inspectors from Palomar College. The building site was South of the border in Tijuana. I had never volunteered in an organized non-profit before and didn’t know what to expect.
I was so incredibly moved by the willingness of dozens of Rotarians, their spouses, families, & friends to take a day and donate not only materials and money, but their own free time to build a house for a family they'd never met. I was asked if I could assist with asking the family a few questions about how they feel now that they have a roof over their heads and a door they can lock. I witnessed the first of many tears of joy stream out of recipients eyes. I saw and felt the impact of Rotary and I knew right there and then that I wanted to be a part of this organization.
I joined the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club in July, 2016, just a few weeks after I helped build this house.
If I can do something for another person, or in the case of the Mexico house build where I helped an entire family, I will do it. If I could provide lunches for dentists and dental assistants who themselves are donating their time and services by providing surgeries for children with cleft lips or other dental issues, I want to do it. Being involved in Rotary allows me to be a part something that has the power to change lives. It has changed my life for the better. I find myself wanting to do good all the time.
Wanting to do good is contagious.  
I wanted to contribute something back to a community not only in which I work or live, but also in another countries where the basic necessities of living (like running water, plumbing, electricity, food, and shelter) are not always readily available.
As I was once told, "It's not about giving someone a hand out, but a hand up." I believe in that philosophy.
There is no down-side to being involved with Rotary, and LOTS of positives for me, my family, and those we help.
I've made some poor choices in my past because I was selfish. I wanted to do something good for someone else. I want to give back. Rotary International and the RB Sunrise Rotary Club gives me that opportunity.  
As Past-President Craig Brown points the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club towards a brighter future, longtime Rotarian Inan Linton helps support our newest member, Richard Barron, in his commitment to making the world a better place.
Mr. Barron is a tax attorney offering holistic business advice and legal services to a diverse domestic and international clientele. 
To become a member of the RB Sunrise Rotary like Richard, join us for a free breakfast on almost any Tuesday. We meet from 7-8:30 AM at the Rancho Bernardo Country Club on Greens East Road. More information is available at www.rbsunrise.org, or you can join us on October 28 at Rancho Beernardo (www.rbfest.com) to see what we're all about and how we give back to the community.
This past Saturday a group of Rotarians trekked up to the top of top of beautiful Mount Soledad. There we dedicated a plaque to honor our club's past, present and future veterans.
If you weren't able to make it, just know the plaque will always be up there for you to proudly share with your family and friends at explain to them what Rotary is all about.
We had the honor this am to hear from one of the last survivors of the Pearl Harbor Dec. 7 battle, Stuart Hedley, 95 years young. It was amazing and horrific as he described that day that is famous in US history... I only hope that I am as active as this young man when I'm 95! We were lucky to hear his story... and I am grateful that he tells it-- we need to remember!
Learn about our future speakers and how you can be part of Rotary at www.rbsunrise.org.
RB Sunrise Rotary members pop up all over the world trying to make it a better place, and politics, religion, gender or any of the other petty issues that divide us are always set aside. Below is a report from Carl Kruse, a Past District Governor (District 5340), Past President (Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary) and proud 30-year Rotarian - truly a man who has seen and done it all - as he explains his THIRD Rotary Moment...and why he had it.
Dear RB Sunrisers,
Mary Jane and I returned last night from two awesome days in Ensenada as part of the Thousand Smiles Clinic.  Let me say that this experience has been added to my select list of "Rotary Moments" (Tijuana Housebuild and India Polio Immunization being the other two). 
To see the volunteer dental/medical teams provide humanitarian and life-changing procedures to needy children is just, well, awesome.  Providing luncheon support (i.e. food prep and serving) on both Friday and Saturday we felt honored to assist the many Rotarians, Dentists, Nurses and Thousand Smiles support staff in getting through the long and busy days. 
I kept my composure until Saturday afternoon when I met two young patients at the hospital who were recovering from surgery.  When I thought of the miracle of medicine and the miracle of Rotary, I lost it.  Needless to say, I encourage each of you to consider being part of Thousand Smiles and experience another part of being a Rotarian and making a life-changing difference in the lives of others. 
You will not regret the experience. 
In Rotary Service and Friendship,
Some of the folks Carl met this past weekend

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You are welcome to visit us as our guest to learn more about our fun organization.
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