Posted on Mar 19, 2018
RB Sunrise Rotary is participating in an effort initiated by current RB President Ian H. S. Riseley. His theme for his term, 2017-18 is Rotary, Making  a Difference.
He is asking all 1.2 million Rotarians to plant a tree.  His goal was to have this completed by Earth Day, April 22, 2018.  RB Sunrise Rotary. Because of the amount of planning required, RB Sunrise Rotary has elected to make this tree planting project its Rotarians at Work project for 2018.
At Poway High School, old plantings were removed in the area of the football field adjacent to Espola Road.  Dale Long, RB Sunrise project coordinator for this project, has been working with the  maintenance staff at the high school to get the site ready.  Such things as the exact location for each tree needs to be preplanned so that that proper irrigation and other considerations are finalized. 
The site for the beautification planting of trees is along a drainage canal adjacent to Espola Road.  The plantings will assist if reducing the potential for damage in the area due to erosion. 
Rotarians at Work is a Rotary Program that began here in San Diego over 10 years ago.  Former District Governor, the late Bob Watson, suggested that on one day Rotary clubs could do community projects such as school cleanup, tree planting, and maintenance projects around their community.  District 9100, Northern Baja California, Mexico joined District 5340, San Diego and Imperial Counties, California in the first year.  Since that time, Rotary districts around the world had participated in this event that occurs on the last Saturday in April each year. 
RB Sunrise's project this year will definitely make a difference.  The plantings will beautify the site and also be a critical environmental solution to control erosion.