On June 2, 2017 members of the RB Sunrise Rotary Club met at the Country Club of Rancho Bernardo to "demote" President Craig Brown.  The annual fun event is the club's way of celebrating the successes of the Rotary year.  Contrary to what many in the community may think might be boring, RB Sunrise Rotary is noted for having fun events, especially their Demotion Party. 
President Craig BrownPast President Alison Farrin
President Elect Paul GormanJay and Brenda Riordan
The theme for this event was Woodstock. Apparently President Craig actually attended Woodstock in 1969.  Many of the members of the club showed up in very creative costumes that were inspired by the kind of attire actually seen at Woodstock in 1969.  The room was filled with people sporting long hair, beards and or mustaches and hippy clothes. City Councilman Mark Kersey was on hand to present President Craig with a Proclamation from the City of San Diego that designated Friday, June 2, 2017.  In his brief comments, Councilman Kersey remarked that he never before felt so out of place because of the way he was dressed. For more photos, see 2017 Demotion Party Picture Album
After a buffet dinner of Mexican food, the evening's program began with a skit about how a conversation between promoters of the original Woodstock may have sounded.  After that there were multiple recognitions of President Craig presented by Past District.  Governor Carl Kruse.
President Craig then individually thanked each of the members of the Board of Directors and other significant leaders in the club.  He remaked how each person's efforts contributed to the successes of the club during the year.
President Craig then announced Susan Marsh as his choice for Rotarian of the Year.  Susan joined the club in May of 2016 and immediately sought ways to be involved.  After volunteering to write stories for the website and club newsletter, Susan then took on a large portion of the publicity for Rancho BEERnardo, our club's signature fundraising event.  Susan was able to get an announcement of the event into Westways magazine. As a result we had many visitors from the Los Angeles who all were pleased.  Early in this calendar year, Susan, who is a tax accountant, took over as the treasurer of the club.  Even in this demanding job, Susan showed her dedication by learning quickly about the club's finances and has implemented some needed enhancements.  All of our club greeted this announcement with a standing ovation.
President elect Paul Gorman was then installed as President to take over this position beginning on July 1, 2017.