Roof panel frame being raised by volunteers

For the last 2 years, RB Sunrise Rotary Club has partnered with Project Mercy, a charity headquartered in Poway to fund and provide volunteers so that in one day, a new watertight secure home can be erected in one day.  In each case, the new house replaces a makeshift shelter that usually has no doors or windows and has only a tarp for a roof. 
The several vehicles of club members and their families were led to the project site by a member of Project Mercy. In a departure from previous projects, the lumber this year was precut to the various sizes needed to create the various panels the would form the walls and roof.  Because of this, on arrival all the volunteers were able to quickly go to work assembling the walls and roof panels. All surfaces that would be on the outside of the building were painted prior to being raised and attached to the concrete slab or being attached to the walls in the case of the roof sections. 
The recipient family and volunteers in front of the completed house. 
By the afternoon, the building was was complete.  Instead of a makeshift structure with a tarp for a roof, the recipient family now has as house that not only has a real roof and lockable door, but also has walls that will keep out the wind and rain. All of the volunteers were deeply moved by seeing first hand how, in one day, they improved the lives a family in Mexico.
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