Posted by Rob Weinberg on Aug 07, 2018
Rancho Beernardo 2018 is here, and we're now accepting sponsors. It's the moment you've been waiting for!
What are we talking about? GLAD YOU ASKED!
Rancho Beernardo is an  annual event taking place this year at Webb Park in Rancho Bernardo, CA in support of the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club. This year’s event is scheduled for Saturday, October 20, from 2-5pm, with a 1pm start for a VIP reception.
We’re expecting 1,000 attendees from throughout San Diego County, and this is a very upscale audience with disposable income. The event will include 75+ beers from top-rated craft breweries, other beers/wines/spirits, complimentary tasting glass, live music, a wide selection of food available for purchase, and a guaranteed good time for everyone involved.
It's also a wonderful opportunity to expose your business to an extremely targeted group. This is the 7th time we’re running this event and we’ve gotten it down to a science. A wide range of sponsor opportunities are available, as you’ll see on the sheet below.
Talk to us about how you can use Rancho Beernardo as a marketing tool for your company. Catch up with any member of the RB Sunrise Rotary, or visit us at for more information.
Want to talk with someone immediately? Call 858-673-9960, or send a note to to get started. 
Because Rancho Beernardo has become THE event in San Diego North County, and the time to get in on it is NOW!