Posted by Rob Weinberg on Nov 02, 2017
In addition to being civic-minded, many Rotarians also have a taste for culture. Which helps explain the wonderful reception accorded Joey Landwehr, Artistic Director of JCompany Youth Theatre, at a recent breakfast meeting.
Joey came to discuss Random Acts of Culture, a JCompany program that helps support dozens of groups around San Diego County in an effort to expose youngsters to the marvels of life on stage. He found a receptive audience of parents and grandparents who themselves had been involved with theater at some point along the line.
His point was clear; make sure you're exposing the kids in your own life to theater, music, opera, and a host of other cultural opportunities sure to feed the mind and the soul.
"This is the stuff that promotes creativity through left-brain thinking," he intoned, observing studies that have demonstrated increased empathy and neurological connections. For the right-brain thinkers in the room, he reminded the crowd that creativity expanded through theater helps improve career success, regardless of the field of endeavor.
"Children need to unplug from technology and tap into another part of their brain if they're going to have a real childhood," Joey urged to the nodding heads. He added "Through the JCompany programs, kids see plays and participate in shows and get exposed to stories of conflict, intolerance and love. They experience and relate to grief onstage and learn new ways to work towards a happy ending."
And the bottom line? "EARTH...without EH!" 
Based on the standing ovation given to Joey for his performance, it seems safe to conclude the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club agreed with him wholeheartedly.
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