Information for Members

Photo Albums
Date Who am I  Rotary Minute
Mar 20, 2018 Fred Nasseri Jeanne MacLaren
Mar 27, 2018 Marc Nimetz Michael Rennie
Apr 3, 2018 Antonio Nogales Jay Riordan
Apr 10, 2018 Kevin Paulson Jim Roth
Apr 17, 2018 Paul Pintek Steve Sayler
Apr 24, 2018 Jeanne MacLaren John Schmidt
May 1, 2018 Michael Rennie Phillip Schneider
May 8, 2018 Jay Riordan Jon Shea
May 15, 2018 Jim Roth Martin Sheps
May 22, 2018 Steve Sayler Peter Shusterman
May 29, 2018 John Schmidt Steve Smith
Jun 5, 2018 Phil Schneider Jim Stewart
Jun 12, 2018 Jon Shea Rex Teets
Jun 19, 2018 Martin Sheps
Lloyd Trilling
Jun 26, 2018 Peter Shusterman Judith Tronrue
The member assigned to Who Am I is also responsible for providing the positive thought at the beginning of the meeting and introducing visiting Rotarians and guests. 
The member assigned to Rotary Minute/ Cheer for Rotary is the assigned Greeter for that day and also is tasked with selling opportunity drawing tickets.