On June 21, 2019, members and guests of RB Sunrise Rotary Club gathered at the Country Club of Rancho Bernardo to celebrate events of the Rotary year 2018-2019 with Mike Moffat as our president.  In an evening of light hearted jokes and a dinner event with a nautical theme, President Mike was ceremonially "demoted" from his position as club president. 
In RB Sunrise traditional fashion, a skit entitled "Moffat's Island" President Mike became "Gilligan" and Jim Roth was "the Skipper."  What made the skit funny was the fact that Mike did not get to see the script until he donned his costume and came into the room as "Gilligan"  Mike's wife, Trisha, participated as "Ginger", in this traditionally unrehearsed skit to "Roast" our outgoing president.
After the skit there were multiple recognition messages, real and imagined to add to the festive evening.  President Mike recognized the contributions of the members of his board of directors and officers of the club.  A special recognition was the surprise announcement of Kim Musluskey  as Rotarian of the Year.  Kim not only was our coordinator for programs for our meetings, but also worked tirelessly to insure that we were able to use our Rotary Foundations District Designated funds to fund multiple projects.  Her efforts in overcoming obstacles in coordinating the efforts to insure that all of the proper documents got filed so that our club could have maximum impact of the funds available and leave nothing on the table unspent.
Rob Weinberg, a former member, who was for many years our "publicity guru" attended our dinner Friday night.  As the result of a unanimous vote by our board of directors at the June meeting on June 20, Rob Weinberg, was awarded an honorary membership in RB Sunrise Rotary.  His honorary membership means that he will always be a member of RB Sunrise no matter what other club he joins as an active member.
Incoming District 5340 2019-2020 Governor Marta Knight concluded the evening by installing President Bret Geernaert and his board of directors.