In Michigan pending divestiture DE GROTHE EIK/The Great Oak
Jan Van Glabbeek is in Michigan to close down his home there and sell the property and all of the things in storage there.  As a friend, I was interested in seeing pictures of  the area because he said there was a lake and a lot of beautiful land there. I am sharing what he sent to me.  Jim Dunny
For photos and more information, go here
His message:
Jim, just in case you wonder about the two men behind the 24 pieces Russian Matryoshka which I bought in Togliatti on the black see.  Kent Johnson on the right, a 45 year long close friend from Columbus Ohio. He came out to help me straighten out the mess in both horse barns, outside and inside garages, sugar shack (to boil down maple syrup) and the estate itself.  On the left side Kent's friend Pete Karlan, M.S.I. national downsize specialist from South Carolina, who does business on a grand scale in Europe and the USA.
On the advice of Pete, we hired Epic Auctions & Estate sales from local Lansing, to participate in worldwide online auctions. One of many surprises was our 1954 Chevy 6 straight cylinder blue pickup...which belonged to a close navy diver friend  (Richard M. Blackburn, now under US protective services). Price then US$ 9k, now well over US$ 50k....they called it one of the bigger surprise barns other words don't touch a thing.
This week Epic will start selecting "plain junk for the Salvation army, Epic Auctions material for worldwide auctions and thirdly high priced rare 200 to 400  yr old European furniture for direct marketing by Pete.
Hope this makes sense. Had 3 to 4 hours per night sleep for the last 4 nights.   Jan