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Program for Tuesday, May 29, 2018
The scheduled speaker for Tuesday May 29 is our club's RYLA Coordinator.  He will tell us about this year's RYLA experiences.
Meeting Assignments
Date Who am I Rotary Minute
May 29, 2018 John Schmidt Peter Shusterman
June 5, 2018 Phil Schneider Jim Stewart
The member assigned to Who Am I is also responsible for providing the positive thought for the day at the beginning of the meeting.  During the meeting the Who Am I assignment member has the task of introducing visiting Rotarians and guests.
The member assigned the Rotary Minute is also a Greeter for the day and is assigned to sell opportunity drawing tickets.
European Union's General Data Protection Regulations


Your email inbox may be flooded with information on the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect on May 25, 2018. Because Rotary staff members process the personal data of European members, Rotaractors, program participants, and others, Rotary International is obligated to comply with this new data privacy law.

But what about clubs? Are individual clubs subject to GDPR?

Most clubs capture and maintain information on individuals that are relatively close, and not subject to GDPR. However, as an international organization, there are instances where clubs may need to ensure they are in compliance.

For instance, if your club maintains contacts or any personal information from Rotarians that reside in the EU, that data falls under GDPR. If sponsorships or relationships involve entities that are based in Europe (such as Shelterbox UK, RIBI, etc.), or if grants are undertaken with other Rotary clubs in the EU, GDPR may apply. Even youth exchange students coming from countries in the EU could trigger a need for a club to come into GDPR compliance. 

Follow the link for the entire story on GDPR on the Rotary 5340 website


#Me Too and Rotary

With significant media attention being paid to #MeToo and sexual abuse and harassment, particularly in the workplace, it is important that all Rotarians abide by norms and proper decorum when working together with other Rotarians. This is especially true at all club meetings, community projects, and service events.
The #MeToo movement started in October, 2017 with the public disclosure of  sexual assault allegations made against producer Harvey Weinstein. As publications continued to receive accusations of misconduct by Weinstein, media attention to sexual abuse and harassment grew exponentially. Soon after, thousands took to social media using the #MeToo hashtag, and a movement was born.
Many point to #MeToo as triggering a tidal wave of similar stories, which began an international movement against sexual harassment and assault. While the media has increasingly highlighted the issue, Rotary International and Rotary District 5340 have always maintained a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment.
Use the embedded link in this paragraph to go to the District 5340 website for details on Rotary's policies about sexual assault and harassment policies.  It is important that all Rotarians be aware of the all of the information included on the website about this subject.  

Club News, May 28, 2018

Family of Rotary
We were shocked on Wednesday of last week to learn of the passing of Martin Sheps. Apparently family members checked on him and found his body at his home.  At the funeral service at El Camino Memorial Part on Friday, 20 members of our club (with 3 spouses) attended to honor Martin.  We learned of his professional accomplishments as well as the many ways this remarkable man enriched his family and his community.  He loved to help people, so Rotary was a natural way for him to help people.  He was also active in his synagogue and was instrumental in setting up a youth game room.
Martin was the embodiment of the Rotary motto of "Service above Self."  As part of our Rotary Family, we will miss him and will treasure the memories of his notable Who am I talks.  We will remember the self deprecating humor he brought to the club with his rubber chicken and the products he was instrumental in developing which were not commericial successes.  Yet just two examples of products that were commercially successful that are legendary and have impacted our lives are: the Black and Decker portable electric variable trigger drill and the Hot Wheels toy cars.  These are but two examples of his remarkable accomplishments as an engineer in his professional career.  At his funeral those of us who attended learned facts about him that showed that in addition to his very successful career, he was also very devoted to his family and delighted in fishing.  Many people remarked about the ways he was willing to help them when they encountered a problem.  For more, see the story about Martin on the club website.
RB Sunrise Upcoming Events
 • RB Sunrise Demotion Party - June 22, 2018 at CCRB, 5:30 PM to 9:00 pm.
Check out the calendar on the club website to see all of the upcoming  Rotary Functions and projects listed there.  The calendar is located on the left side of the home page as well as a page accessed by the link on the tool bar at the top of the home page. 
District 5340 Events
 • 2018 Governor's Dinner- June 4, 2918,  La Jolla Marriott, 5:30 pm. The Governors Dinner serves as the annual district awards and induction ceremony. The ceremonial baton is passed to the 2018-19 leadership within Rotary, while recognizing our regions clubs and their outstanding achievements for the previous year. To register for this event, click on the link. 
Check out the calendar on the District 5340 website to see all of the upcoming  District 5340 events and projects listed there.  
May Birthdays and Anniversaries
Member Birthdays   
Name  Date
Scott Bramwell  May 18
Kevin Paulson  May 27
Inan Linton  May 29
Thomas Hoy  May 31
Spouse Birthdays   
NameSpouse of Date
Greg StantonMary Stanton May 28
Tom HoySusan  Marsh May 31
NameSpouse nameYearsDate
Peter ShustermanKaren Shusterman5May 4, 2013
Karen MortimerBill Mortimer36May 8, 1982
Bill ChaffinTerry Chaffin23May 20, 1995
Date Joined Rotary   
Name YearsDate
Jeb Bakke 28May 1, 1990
Steve Sayler 22May 1, 1996
Tom Hoy 2May 3, 2016
Susan Marsh 2May 3, 2016
Scott Bramwell 8May 4, 2010
Steve Smith 4May 6, 2014
Dan Krall 11May 15, 2007

June 2018 Birthdays and Anniversaries

Member Birthdays
Jeanne MacLaren  Jun 8
Kim Muslusky  Jun 9
Peter Shusterman  Jun 16
Karen Mortimer  Jun 21
Jim Stewart  Jun 25
Rob Weinberg  Jun 29
Spouse Birthdays   
NameSpouse of Date
Evan BakkeJeb Bakke Jun 3
Karen MortimerBill Mortimer Jun 21
NameSpouse NameYearsDate
Bret GeernaertChandra Geernaert13Jun 9, 2005
Richard BarronJan Allen1Jun 13, 2017
Nasrin BarbeeRalph Barbee41Jun 18. 1977
Marc NimetzNikko Nimetz5Jun 22, 2013
Mary StantonGreg Stanton30Jun 25, 1988
Jesse GarzaTracy Garza10Jun 27, 2008
Pete JacksonTobee Jackson31Jun 27, 1987
Date Joined Rotary   
Name  Years Date
Inan Linton 26Jun 1, 1992
Lee Haney 3Jun 9, 2010
Laura Mello 8Jun 22, 2010
Jean Larson 1Jun 27, 2017
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