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Program for Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019
Our scheduled speaker is Andra Watkins, an author who wrote "Not Without My Father"
Meeting Assignments
Who am I Rotary Minute
Jan 29, 2019 Pete Jackson Susan Marsh
The member assigned to Who Am I is also responsible for providing the positive thought for the day at the beginning of the meeting. 
During the meeting the Who Am I assignment member has the task of introducing visiting Rotarians and guests.
The member assigned the Rotary Minute is also a Greeter for the day and is assigned to sell opportunity drawing tickets.

Club News, Jan 29, 2019

Sad News
On Friday, Jan 25, RB Sunrise Rotary Club lost a valued member.  Charlie (Big Dog) Dulaney passed away.  Charley had multiple health problems that became progressive after the year (2003-2004) that he was President of our club.  At first he was able to attend meetings occasionally, but over time he became house bound.  Charlie was passionate about Rotary and about being a member of RB Sunrise Rotary. He will be fondly remembered by those of us who were fortunate to be present when he would tell us about the "plethora" of reasons to be thankful to be a Rotarian.  At our meeting on Jan 29, we will be having a time of remembrance for Charlie. 
Other Membership News
Wayne Hamburger who was on an extended leave of absence has elected to resign from our club in order to be free to join another club. 
Mary Stanton says we have 2 persons who are currently interested in joining our club.  Remember that each of us are members of the Membership Committee.  Share the news about what a privilege it is to associate with people who have a passion to make the world a better place.  The world needs what Rotary has to offer and the way we can continue to have Rotary be the force for good is to continue to give the people we meet the opportunity to to get the satisfaction we share for the good we do. 
Help with Our Rotary Website
I want to remind everyone that our ClubRunner website is set up so that you have access to updating your profile information.  For this reason, everyone in the club has the responsibility to check out their profile information so that they can update or correct information on this important club resource.  As club executive secretary, I can't be responsible for knowing that something is incorrect in your profile information unless you check it and either correct it yourself or let me know so that I can make the correction for you.
Our website calendar is another resource that I need to have written notice to be able to update and maintain.  Any event or project that our club members should know about needs to have an entry on the club calendar.  Anyone planning a project or event needs to send an email to me with information about the date, time, location and purpose of the event so that I can properly describe the project or event.  I would rather get multiple emails about an event than miss having information on the calendar because everyone thought that someone else was going to let me know.   My email address is:
Jim Dunny
Executive Secretary of RB SunRise Rotary Club.

Club and District Upcoming Events

RB Sunrise Upcoming Events
Club Level 4 Way Speech Contest
Tuesday, Feb 19, 2019 Club Meeting
Rotary District 5340 Upcoming Events
2019 DIstrict Conference
March 1, 2019 Noon to March 3, 2019 11:00 am. at Catamaran Hotel at Mission Beach
January 2019 Birthday and Anniversaries


Member Birthdays   
Name  Date
Jesse Garza  Jan 5
Bill Mortimer  Jan 9
Judith Tronsrue  Jan 11
Mike Moffat  Jan 14
Al Watson  Jan 15
Dale Long  Jan 25
Spouse Birthdays   
NameSpouse of Date
Bill MortimerKaren Mortimer Jan 9
Lori GHrennanRick Coburn Jan 10
Nikko NimetzMarc Nimetz Jan 19
Watson, Carolyn (Scooter)Al Watson Jan 20
Jon SvendsonSandi Menderson Jan 22
Sharyn DavieBob Davie Jan 23
Chandra GeernaertBret Geernaert Jan 30
Name YearsDate
Phil SchneiderShauna Schneider37Jan 2, 1982
Jonathan SheaBree Shea10Jan 8, 2009
Rex TeetsJoAnn Teets64Jan 23, 1955
Brian GansertChing Ching Gansert27Jan 29, 1992
Date Joined Rotary   
Name YearsDate
Craig Brown 34Jan 2, 1985
Wayne Hamburger 7Jan 10, 2012
Dale Long 29Jan 10, 1990
Rosemarie Bergdahl 3Jan 19, 2016
Kevin Paulson 2Jan 24, 2017
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