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Program for Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018
Our speaker will be April French.  April is an FBI Hostage Negotiator.
Meeting Assignments
Date Who am I Rotary Minute
Jan 23, 2018 Dale Long
Karen Mortimer
Jan 30, 2018 Jean Loo-Russo Bill Mortimer
The member assigned to Who Am I is also responsible for providing the positive thought for the day at the beginning of the meeting.  During the meeting the Who Am I assignment member has the task of introducing visiting Rotarians and guests.
The member assigned the Rotary Minute is also a Greeter for the day and is assigned to sell opportunity drawing tickets.

RB Sunrise Hosted a Successful Party for visiting DGE's

Last Wednesday evening, 9 members of RB Sunrise Rotary Club traveled to the Meridian on Front Street to host a Hospitality event for 11 DGE's who were in San Diego for the Rotary International Assembly.  The assembly is a gathering of all of the District Governor Elects from around the world. The assembly is a mandatory training event for these future district governors.
Everyone who attended this meeting came away with a better understanding of how Rotarians around the world share a passion for service to benefit others.  Each of the DGE's had an opportunity to tell us all about their district and what plans they had for their year as district governor.  This was a very diverse group. Several of them had very large districts geographically.  For example the DGE from Queensland, Australia has a district that includes Rotary Clubs on islands in Bali and other small islands.  She told us that when she will visit one of the islands, she will fly in and then have to remain there for a week before the next flight comes for her to return home to Australia.  Peter Meisen helped all of understand the districts of each of these DGE's covers by projecting maps of their district on a screen in the front of the room. He also projected photos of the region and also each of the websites for the districts.  Carl Kruse, a past president of our club and a past district governor of our district spoke about what we do here in San Diego. Joining us for this event were several members of a new Rotary Club in Tijuana.  One of them helped us by translating for the DGE's from Brazil who could speak Spanish, but did not speak English.
Our President Elect Mike Moffat presided at this meeting and said that our event was the second largest hosting event in our district.  We were privileged again to be able to meet at the Meridian because the owner of Mary's Athens Market restaurant is a resident there, so in addition to providing us with good Greek food, she made it possible for us to have a pleasant place to meet again this year.

January 2018 Birthdays and Anniversaries

Member Birthdays   
Name  Date
Paul Pintek  Jan 3
Heather Ray  Jan 5
Bill Mortimer  Jan 9
Judith Tronsrue  Jan 11
Mike Moffat  Jan 14
Al Watson  Jan 15
Dale Long  
Jan 25
Spouse Birthdays   
NameSpouse of Date
Bill MortimerKaren Mortimer Jan 9
Lori GrennanRick Coburn Jan 10
Nikko NimetzMarc Nimetz Jan 19
Scooter WatsonAl Watson Jan 20
Sharyn DavieBob Davie Jan 23
Chandra GeernaertBret Geernaert Jan 30
Name Spouse Name YearsDate
Phillip SchneiderShauna36Jan 2, 1987
Jonathan SheaBree Shea9Jan 8, 2009
Rex TeetsJoAnn63Jan 23, 1955
Date Joined Rotary   
Name YearsDate
Wayne Hamburger 6Jan 10, 2012
Dale Long 28Jan 10, 1990
Rosemarie Bergdahl 2Jan 19, 2016
Paul Pintek 2Jan 19, 2016
Kevin Paulson 1Jan 24, 2017
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