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Jim Dunny
Russell Hampton
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Program for Tuesday, Jul 30, 2019
The scheduled speaker for Tuesday, July 30, 2019 is Ples Feliz. The subject is the Tariq Khamisa Foundation.
Meeting Assignments
Who am I Rotary Minute
July 30, 2019 Steve Smith Adrienne Holmes
Aug 6, 2019 JIm Stewart Trudy Armstrong
Aug 13, 2019 Lloyd Trilling Jeb Bakke
The member assigned to Who Am I is also responsible for providing the positive thought for the day at the beginning of the meeting. 
During the meeting the Who Am I assignment member has the task of introducing visiting Rotarians and guests.
The member assigned the Rotary Minute is also a Greeter for the day and is assigned to sell opportunity drawing tickets.
Club News, July 28, 2019
Jan Van Glabbeek returns this week
I have spoken to Jan a few days ago and he will be returning to San Diego this week. He has been at his home in Michigan clearing out possessions had stored there.  His home there is on 300 acres and includes barns and a lake on the property. 
About a week ago, there was a severe storm with high winds that uprooted around a hundred trees.  He said he had to clear fallen trees to even get out of his driveway!  Luckily there was no damage to his house, but he had to stay with a neighbor for a few days because electric service to his own home was interrupted.  He has realized that the process of getting his home and property ready to sell will take some time because of all of the work that has to be done. 
I told him that we missed him and would looked forward to his return.  His wife, Thea, has made steady progress on her health while he has been gone.  Family and professional help kept her safe. 
Jim Dunny
Volunteers Wanted
I have been newsletter editor and website administrator for RB Sunrise since July 2008.  I have learned a lot about how to create stories, but the downside to my involvement is that no one else in our club is trained to take my place.  I want to teach others in the club to take over inputting data into various sections of the website.  ClubRunner is designed to have multiple members of a Rotary club maintain the information rather than one person. 
Since I set up our website and started to do the SunRiser 11 years ago, I have been the default person for the newsletter and website.  In order to insure that our club maintain our internal communication and keep records of what we have accomplished, other members of the club are needed to fill in the gaps that exist.
I want to teach several people in our club how to keep information on our website so that in the future someone else doesn't inherit a situation such as I did.  In 2008, our club records, roster and attendance records were on personal computers that were not networked.  As a result, information was not available to club members as it is now. 
ClubRunner makes it relatively easy to do each of the record keeping tasks that are part of the benefits the application. ClubRunner has gotten more powerful and easier to use in the last eleven years. 
Please consider how you can help the club by learning how to use ClubRunner. 
Thank you.
Jim Dunny

DIstrict 5340 Membership Workshop

To register, click on this link.

Club and District Upcoming Events

RB Sunrise Upcoming Events
Rancho  BEERnardo Kickoff Meeting
Tuesday, Aug 6, 2019 Country Club of Rancho Bernardo, 7:00 am
District Governor Marta Knight Official Club Visit
Tuesday, Aug 13, 2019 Country Club of Rancho Bernardo, 7:00 am
Rancho BEERnardo Fundraiser Event
Saturday, Oct 26, 2019
VIP Admission - 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Event Admission - 2:00 pm - pm

District 5340 Upcoming Events

University of San Diego, Joan Kroc Institute of Peace and Justice
Aug 10, 2019 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Sep 10, 2019  7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

July 2019 Birthdays and Anniversaries

Member Birthdays   
Name  Date
Gordy Erickson  July 15
Jan van Glabbeek  July 15
Spouse Birthdays   
Name Spouse of Date
Brittany LeBlangKlinton LeBlang July 2
Randy RoseRob Weinberg* July 21
Name SpouseYearsDate
Dale LongDorothy Long48July 2, 1971
Jean Loo-RussoJohn Russo30July 15, 1989
Craig BrownBridgett Brown16July 19, 2003
Kim VareyDan Shapiro24July 29, 1995
Date Joined Rotary   
Name YearsDate
Mark Berdan 23July 1, 1996
Rob Weinberg* 15July 1, 2004
Laurie Oakland 13July 13, 2006
Bill Mortimer 5July 22, 2014
Kim Musluskey 5July 24, 2014
                                    *Honorary RB Sunrise ,is an active member of another club in District 5340

August 2019  Birthdays and Anniversaries

Member Birthdays    
Name  Date
Bret Geernaert  Aug 3
Rick Coburn  Aug 11
Sandi Menderson  Aug 11
Jay Riordan  Aug 30
Sue Herndon  Aug 31
Spouse Birthdays   
NameSpouse of Date
Tammy StewartJim Stewart Aug 9
Vicki HaneyLee Haney Aug 13
Terry ChaffinBill Chaffin 
Aug 14
NameSpouse NameYears Date
Jim RothLaurel Roth10Aug 1, 2009
Laurie OaklandRoger Oakland47Aug 13, 1977
Adrienne HolmesDale Holmes8Aug 13, 2011
Rick CoburnLori Grennan15Aug 14, 2004
Jan van GlabbeekThea van Glabbeek53Aug 19, 1966
Kim MusluskyDennis Muslusky52Aug 26, 1967
Rob WeinbergRandy Rose30Aug 28, 1989
Jim StewartTammy Stewart40Aug 31, 1979
Date Joined Rotary   
Name YearsDate
Jim Dunny 19Aug 2, 2000
Phillip Schneider 15Aug 17, 2004
Brian Gansert 1Aug 28, 2018
Sandi Menderson 1Aug 28, 2018
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