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Program for Tuesday, Mar 5, 2019
The scheduled activity for the meeting on March 5, 2019 is a Club Assembly that President Mike is required to hold during his year as president.
Meeting Assignments
Who am I Rotary Minute
Mar 5, 2019 Dale Long Bill Mortimer
Mar 12, 2019 Jean Loo-Russo Kim Muslusky
The member assigned to Who Am I is also responsible for providing the positive thought for the day at the beginning of the meeting. 
During the meeting the Who Am I assignment member has the task of introducing visiting Rotarians and guests.
The member assigned the Rotary Minute is also a Greeter for the day and is assigned to sell opportunity drawing tickets.
Traffic and Parking Fines Are More Expensive
During my training to be an RSVP volunteer with San Diego Police Department, I learned about the increase in the fines for traffic  and parking violations.  There has been a significant increase in the fines, especially for parking in a handicap space or in the hashmarks next to a handicap space.  The fine is now $1000 versus $400.  This doesn't include other associated fees that go along with the fine.  Be aware that if you park in a handicapped space, you car will be photographed to provide evidence of the violation.
Here are some of the additional fines for traffic violations ( not including processing fees!)

Traffic Fine Rule (Violation)


Forgot to bring a driver's license


Forgot to change the address (more than ten days)


Uninsured car in accident

$796 and’ driver's license revoded for 4 years

Did not stop at red light or turning right


Crossing double yellow line


Violation of the turn or turn around


Stop sign, but did not stop


Pass the flashing light of school bus


Parked at a bus stop


Not wearing a seat belt


Driving with high beam lights


Child did not wear a seat belt or not in a child seat


Covering car door


Driving with headphones on


Speeding 1-15 miles                                                                $224

Speeding 16-25 miles                                                              $338

usually the police determined that speeding is over 5 miles.

On rainy day you are not allowed to exceed 65 miles. With fog, the speed of car should be slower than usual.


Talking on cell phone first time               $76,

second time                                                  $190,

 (same penalty even if you are just holding the cell phone in your hand!)


Note:  You are required to have your headlights on if  you are using your windshield wipers!
I couldn't find a complete list of fines, but you need to know that the fines have all increased significant, You need to be very careful when driving or parking your car.  It isn't any fun to have to pay these fines!
Jim Dunny

Cybersecurity-What I Learned - Update

At last week's meeting, we were informed about how to make it more difficult for cybercriminals to access data on our computers or other devices that we use to connect to the internet. We have heard of computer virus protection software and malware protection application.  However they are not enough because they can only detect problems that are already on your devices after these providers learn about them and engineer a solution.  By that time, you could already be affected.
During the last week I took four days of training to be an RSVP volunteer in Rancho Bernardo.  While I was at San Diego Police Department Headquarters on Thursday for a class on cyber security, I asked the officer instructor about the application (NordVPN) that I am using for my virtual private network (VPN).  I learned from him that it was a very good one.
I have been using a password manager storage application for years.  Today, we have easy access to information that we need - information such as bank transactions and balances, investment account balances, access to information about insurance and medical record account information - to mention just a few.  Then there are websites that allow us to shop online.  Each one of these website require us to set up an account with a logon and password.  Because many of these websites we may only visit occasionally, it becomes a problem to store passwords.  Since best practices require that we use unique passwords for our internet accounts, it quickly becomes a problem of having a secure place to store these passwords. You should never use just one simple password for all your accounts. Using only one allows anyone learning about it to gain access to every site you use.
For years, I have been using a password manager application that stores encrypted passwords and other sensitive data in a dedicated file in the cloud.  This application allows me to store such things as account numbers for bank and insurance in addition to passwords for numerous websites.  Because the application I use is available for not only on my computer, but also my phone and tablet device, I can literally be anywhere and have the ability to have access to important data.
This brings me to the other piece of this puzzle.  When we travel, we often are in places where the most convenient source for access is the free access in coffee shops or hotel lobbies.  However, this allows anyone else using these connections to "see" your computer and get important connection information that they can use to later gain access to your device or computer in order to use your devices to be the source of viruses and malware - all without your knowledge.
The answer to this problem is to set up a Virtual Private Network.  There are numerous sources on the internet for applications for websites that allow you to easily set up a VPN.  The process is surprisingly simple and relatively inexpensive.  The way that a VPN works is that once you set it up, anytime you access the internet, no one can "see" your IP address, which means that they can't see you.  In fact, the VPN application allows you to select what country you are coming from !   Even though you are here in San Diego, you can connect to a VPN server in places such as Germany, the UK, France, Spain and Japan.  (This really makes for some annoying responses from websites that want to sell you something because they don't know where you are.)  I found that the only problem was with my access to the digital issue of the Union Tribune newspaper. Since they are affiliated with the LA Times, the LS Times restricts information going out to foreign countries.  The fixit here was to change my connection to a VPN website in the US.
I was also surprised to learn that Yahoo collects and distributes by way of cookies data that it gets from your computer and there is no way to opt out, 
The way to find out what choices there are for a VPN software and service provider is to do a search for VPN software.  You can see what each will do and how many of your devices that you use that can be connected.  In my case, the one I chose allows me to connect a total of 6 devices and computers.  A multiyear fee brought the cost for this to less than $100.  The cost will vary according to which application you choose. 
One thing I have noticed is that my computer seems to be faster.  I just wonder whether I there were things happening in the background on my computer that were causing it to slow down.  VPN software does not affect your email except that it encrypts your connection to your internet service provider and make anyone who is looking for your connection information to be unable to do so. 
I hope that this information can be useful to you in making your digital devices more secure.
Jim Dunny

Club News, Mar 2, 2019

Golf Tournament Fundraiser


FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2019

Coronado Municipal Golf Course
10:30 a.m. Check-in, Putting Contest, Hit-Laz 11:00 a.m. Lunch and Silent Auction Begin 12:15 p.m. $10,000 Putting Contest Finals 12:30 p.m. Shotgun Start

5:00 p.m. $100,000 Hole-in-One Playoff 5:30 p.m. Awards Presentation

For More Informatiion, go to: Coronado Rotary Golf
Facilitators are needed for the 2019 RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) Conference.  Join 280 enthusiastic high school juniors from throughout the District at this outstanding Rotary youth leadership program scheduled for April 12-14, 2019 in beautiful Idyllwild.  Join the fun and be inspired!  
As a facilitator, you will have the unique opportunity of helping guide  students through a proven program promoting leadership, self-awareness, and community building.  Details and an application are located at or contact Paul van Roon at for additional information.  There is NO COST to your club to participate and there are only a few positions remaining.  PLEASE APPLY SOON!

District Training Assembly

Held only once a year, the District Training Assembly (DTA) offers training on a variety of subjects to Rotarians, including current and incoming officers, directors and committee chairs to help them become effective leaders.  ALL Rotarians - especially Red Badgers - are welcome and encouraged to attend. This year's DTA will be on Saturday, March 30.
Come learn about Rotary programs, tips on program and project management and best practices from other Rotarians.  DTA is also a great opportunity to meet and connect with other Rotarians.   Classes fill up quickly, so don't miss out - REGISTER TODAY!  Registration ends March 27, 2019.
Two members of any club planning to apply for a District Grant MUST register and attend the District Grants Seminar (Session 4 of DTA), which will be held from 12:10 to 2:00 p.m.   There is no charge to attend.

Club and District Upcoming Events

RB Sunrise Upcoming Events
Club Assembly, Tuesday March 5, 2019
Sub-Regional 4 Way Speech Contest
Tuesday, March 9, 2019
March 2019 Board Meeting
Thursday March 21, CCRB, 4:30 pm 
House Build in Mexico
Saturday, April 20, 2019
Rotary District 5340 Upcoming Events
2019 DIstrict Conference
March 1, 2019 Noon to March 3, 2019 11:00 am. at Catamaran Hotel at Mission Beach
2019 District Training Assembly
March 30, 2019 7:45 am to 2:00 pm  Joan Kroc Center on USD campus
2019 District 5340 Rotary Foundation Gala
April 29, 2019 Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine 6 pm to 9 pm

March 2019 Birthdays and Anniversaries

Member Birthdays   
Peter Meisen  
Mar 5
Laurie Oakland  
Mar 10
Trudy Armstrong  
Mar 15
Marc Nimetz  
Mar 15
Mark Berdan  
Mar 16
Fred Nasseri  
Mar 21
Kim Varey  
Mar 23
Klint LeBlang  
Mar 26
Spouse Birthdays  
NameSpouse of 
Tracy GarzaJesse Garza 
Mar 7
Dan ShapiroKim Varey Mar 13
Name Spouse NameYears
Michael RennieKristy Rennie19
Mar 4, 2000
Mike MoffatTrisha Moffat51Mar 30,1968
Date Joined Rotary  
Name Years
Rex Teets 27
Mar 1, 1992
Peter Shusterman 6
Mar 5, 2013
Mary Stanton 8
Mar 15, 2011
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Mar 16, 2004
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Mar 27, 2007
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Mar 29, 2016
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Mar 29, 2016
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