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There are times when all of us cannot attend a club meeting.  Since a requirement of membership is to maintain a minimum attendance at 50 percent of scheduled meetings, maintaining this standard can be a problem when other commitments such as work meetings, travel or illness cause you to miss meetings.  Fortunately, Rotary International's rules allow for many ways for you to make up attendance. Since there are e-clubs, you can even attend a "virtual" meeting to do a makeup.
Attendance Rules
1.  For a makeup meeting to be recorded, the makeup has to be done within 2 weeks before or after the missed meeting.
2. If you visit another club, you will have the meal charge at missed meeting at our club credited back to your account.
3. When you attend another club or other activity, click this link to report your makeup to the club treasurer for meal cost credit and to the executive secretary to record it for attendance credit. 
Ways you can makeup a meeting.
1. Attend a meeting at another club in district 5340. To find when and where other clubs in our district meet, go to the District 5340 Find A Club page. Club meetings on this page are sorted by day of the week so that you can easily find a club to visit that will fit your schedule.
2. If you are traveling, visit a club that meets in that city on the day you are there. Because Rotary Club exist in locations around the world, you can visit a club anywhere for a makeup. It is always an interesting experience to visit a club in other locations around the world.  To find a club in any location around the world, go to Rotary International's Club Finder and enter the information on the form to get a list of club that meets your need.
3. Attend any of the following club functions if they satisfy the 2 week rule:
     a. A meeting of the club board of directors
     b. A club social function
     c. A club project such as Rotarians at Work
     d. attend a meeting of our Interact Club
4. Attend any meeting by District 5340 such as:
     a. District Council
     b. District Conference
     c. District Assembly
     d. Other district training meetings such as the Leadership Development Academy.
     e. Be a mentor at RYLA
     f.  Attend other committee meetings at the district
5.  Attend the Rotary International Convention.
6.  Participate online by watching content on an Rotary e-club. There will be instructions on the website of each e-club for verifying your attendance. 
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