Information for Members

Photo Albums
Date Who am I  Rotary Minute
7/17/18 Carl Kruse Trudy Armstrong
7/24/18 Lloyd Trilling Jeb Bakke
7/31/18 Judith Tronsrue Nasrin Barbee
8/7/18 Tracey van Putten Mark Berdan
8/14/18 Kim Varey Rosemarie Bergdahl
8/21/18 Al Watson Scott Bramwell
8/28/18 Rob Weinberg Craig Brown
9/4/18 Trudy Armstrong Bill Chaffin
9/11/18 Jeb Bakke Rick Coburn
9/18/18 Nasrin Barbee Bob Davie
9/25/18 Mark Berdan Jim Dunny
10/2/18 Rosemarie Bergdahl Gordy Erickson
10/9/18 Scott Bramwell Allison Farrin
10/16/18 Craig Brown Bret Geernaert
10/23/18 Bill Chaffin Paul Gorman
10/30/18 Rick Coburn Lee Haney
The member assigned to Who Am I is also responsible for providing the positive thought at the beginning of the meeting and introducing visiting Rotarians and guests. 
The member assigned to Rotary Minute/ Cheer for Rotary is the assigned Greeter for that day and also is tasked with selling opportunity drawing tickets.