Information for Members

Photo Albums
Date Who am I  Rotary Minute
2/26/2019 Inan Linton Karen Mortimer
3/5/2019 Dale Long Bill Mortimer
3/12/2019 Jean Loo-Russo Kim Muslusky
3/19/2019 Jeanne MacLaren Fred Nasseri
3/26/19 Susan Marsh Marc Nimetz
4/2/2019 Laura Mello Tony Nogales
4/9/2019 Sandi Menderson Jim Roth
4/16/2019 Michael Moffat Michael Rennie
4/23/2019 Karen Mortimer Kevin Paulson
4/30/2019 Bill Mortimer Steve Sayler
5/7/2019 Kim Muslusky John Schmidt
5/14/2019 Fred Nasseri Phil Schneider
5/21/2019 Marc Nimetz Jon Shea
5/28/2019 DARK DARK
6/4/2019 Tony Nogales Peter Shusterman
6/11/2019 Kevin Paulson Steve Smith
6/18/2019 Michael Rennie Mary Stanton
6/25/2019 Jim Roth Jim Stewart
The member assigned to Who Am I is also responsible for providing the positive thought at the beginning of the meeting and introducing visiting Rotarians and guests. 
The member assigned to Rotary Minute/ Cheer for Rotary is the assigned Greeter for that day and also is tasked with selling opportunity drawing tickets.