Information for Members

Photo Albums
Date Who am I  Rotary Minute
Sep 26, 2917 Bill Chaffin Lee Haney
Oct 3, 2017 Rick Coburn Sue Herndon
Oct 10, 2017 Bob Davie Thomas Hoy
Oct 17, 2017 Jim Dunny Pete Jackson
Oct 24, 2017 Gordon Erickson Dan Krall
Oct 31, 2017T Alison Farrin Carl Kruse
Nov 7, 2017 Bret Geernaert Jean Larsen
Nov 14, 2017 Lee Haney Klint LeBlang
Nov 21, 2017 Dark Dark
Nov 28, 2017 Sue Herndon Dale Long
Dec 5, 2017 Thomas Hoy Lean Loo-Russo
Dec 12, 2017 Pete Jackson Adrienne Wells-Holmes
Dec 19, 2017 Carl Kruse Jeanne MacLaren
Dec 26, 2017 Dark Dark
The member assigned to Who Am I is also responsible for providing the positive thought at the beginning of the meeting and introducing visiting Rotarians and guests. 
The member assigned to Rotary Minute/ Cheer for Rotary is the assigned Greeter for that day and also is tasked with selling opportunity drawing tickets.